Future Summit is so far into the future of things that we decided to move the event to the fall of 2020 instead of 2019. We have knowledge about the near future that made us decide that we can offer an even better event in the not so near future.

Everyone that bought a ticket for this fall will be contacted to solve reimbursements etc.
In the meantime we wish you all a great summer. Stay tuned for more information about the future.


Where does Future Summit take place?
The day takes place at Flygeln, Louis De Geer in Norrköping. Directions here.

How can I become a partner?
If you're interested in learning more about partner opportunities, send an email to

How do I get a ticket?
Tickets are purchased here

What is Future Summit all about?
The purpose of Future Summit is to create a meeting focused on the future and how technology and conditions creat opportunities for individuals and organisations.

Our focus is on how we handle the exponential growth happening today.


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